Welcome to Coldroom Systems, Inc.

We have been in business since 1949.   In 1961, Herbert C. Woolley Jr. and James E. Choate Jr. became partners in the cold storage insulation contracting business.  Herbert C. Woolley III joined them in 1971.  Together, Jim and Herb represent over 85 years of experience in materials, design, and the building of coldroom facilities.  Their cold environment expertise extends to Moscow, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and most states including California and Hawaii.  Their vision has been instrumental in introducing modern building materials and techniques to the industry.  In 2003, Jim Choate retired and Coldroom Systems is currently operated by Herb Woolley III and his son Charles Woolley. 

Coldroom Systems operates on the principle that expectations of future performance is usually indicated by current and past results.  We have assembled a list of some of our current and past clients in different fields.  Coldroom relies on it's reputation in the industry for continued growth. The high quality of work, as proclaimed by "word of mouth" has allowed the success enjoyed today.  Coldroom systems offers our clients a “personal and professional” experience with Herb or Charles handling every aspect of a job from start to finish. 

Our client portfolio includes many of the top corportations in the industry and many local and diversified companies as well.  At Coldroom Systems, no project is too big or too small and every project is treated with equal importance and receives the “personal and professional” attention it deserves.

We will be glad to furnish more information at your request!